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Here's my story... I was born in Laval in 1972, my parents got divorced later on. Moved with my mom and my step dad almost every 2 years, from Ste-Agathe, Chomedey, St-Dorothée, Ste-Therese and Blainville. Then at the age of 16 I decided to move at my father's house in Pointe-Calumet. Got a job in Laval, got my own appartement at 17 years old. Move in Granby 2 years after. Played in a couple bands then moved to Boisbriand in 1993 for a couple months and then after I moved to Montreal. Since then, I'm still in Montreal. The most important thing in my life is music. Since the age of 16 I wanted to be in a band, do shows and see the world. I have accomplished many things, I wish I could go further at some point. At a certain age, you realise lots of things and you start to understand some patterns in life. I still play music but has a hobby, ironically I get paid more has a roadie and a tech. I have made a shitload of songs for many projects, I just hope that I will record has much as possible before the end...



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